Monday, July 26, 2010

Day by Day Making Progress

God has been very good to us.  We found a very nice house smaller than the other, saving a bit each month on rent.  Nice neighborhood, lake in back.  The house is easier to keep up, so less stress on my wife in that area.

Working now to make some additional progress each day - putting finances in better order, unpacking more boxes, daily devotion time, and being the most productive I possibly can at work.  I was encouraged by a message recently about the importance of what we think.  If I think I'm productive and making significant contributions, then I'll live up to that image I have of myself.  It's helped me to focus more on the positive outcomes of what I'm doing, and as a result I'm better able to see what actions really are the most productive ones.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Long Can We Keep This Up?

Struggling - can't afford help with the children, but can't afford not to have it because my wife's PTSD triggers when the kids get too loud and demanding. No kids their age in our neighborhood, so options for keeping them busy are a bit limited.

She's starting to look into finding a job she can handle. We're looking for a cheaper house to rent in a neighborhoood with kids our children's age. I'm trying to get some additional income going on the side. With God's help and direction we'll get to where we need to be to get back into positive territory.

The good news is that I'm not stressed out now that I have a job with a Christian organization that's challenging but not burning me out. I'm actually able to spend some time now with the kids beyond looking up once in a while from my work laptop at home. God is good and I know that he has good plans for us.

Childhood abuse is a terrible thing that can have effects that last decades in a person's life. In our case, we are believing that my wife will be able to help many others who have been doped up by psychiatrists, preached at by church members, and ignored by those who don't want to deal with anyone whose life is not all together. Good times are coming. We have a hope that "does not disappoint".

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks and Moving Forward

It's been almost a year since my last post. My wife a year ago was finally off of all of the psych meds she had been on for many years. After about a dozen years of therapy and tons of medications, she was free to see what was really going on in her head. After 3 full years of tapering off 8 to 9 different psych meds, with all the meds out of her system, she was finally clear headed. Then she started having memories of childhood abuse. Symptoms of PTSD surfaced, resulting in a new process of working through the memories and the hurts. However, this time it was much more clear what was going on and what needed to be healed.

She is now still working through this process, but is making progress, and the end is in sight. There are some medications involved again now, but very limited and only what is absolutely needed to take the edge off and get daily life done (cleaning house, raising kids, etc.) without long term withdrawals when she comes off of them. I am very thankful to God that she is now on the road to true recovery and the ability to help others like her to find the true sources of problems in their lives and work through them.

I'm thankful that God has been making it clear to us that His plans that He revealed to us 15 years ago are now closer to coming to pass. We are both seeing a resurrection in our spirits of visions we had for ministry back then. Can't wait to see what God has in store. It's been a long wait, but gee, Moses waited 40 years to start his ministry, then wandered around for another 40 years. I'm only about 15 years in and starting to see God's plans surface. Could be worse, and compared to those who are suffering in prisons and abusive political systems in other parts of the world, I have it easy.

I just turned 50 today, and see this as a great time to look forward to the next part of our lives together. God is good, and He is going to do some great things in our family in the next couple of decades - I know it.